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 South Korea
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Featured article   Kinetic sculpture "Theorem"  demonstrating connections between Math and Art

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"Lumen" featured as a part of the Peltzman Collection


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 "Art you can really connect with"
Washington Post

"Chyatte's work is glistening math"
Washington Post

Washington Post 

Museums:  In the Galleries 
Mark Jenkins
 January 10, 2016

"Chyatte's work is glistening math"

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                                       Mark Jenkins 
               July 26, 2014

"Summer Splash III," Robert Brown Gallery and Neptune Fine Art’s slow-season group show, hasn’t entirely supplanted Brown’s former exhibition of work by Oleg Kudryashov. Some of the Russian artist’s complex prints and paper constructions remain on display, along with mostly familiar (and largely on-paper) pieces by Pablo Picasso, Bridget Riley, William Kentridge and Helen Frankenthaler. Among "Splash’s" standouts are Chuck Close’s eerily intimate screenprint portrait of Philip Glass, Foon Sham’s small, undulating cones of interlocking wooden pieces and a set of Ingrid Calame etchings whose complementary-color patterns are intricate yet open.

In the back yard, Neptune is showing "Straight from the Studio," new sculpture by Jeff Chyatte, who works in aluminum. Some consist of maze-like patterns, while others stack off-balance blocks in seeming defiance of gravity. Although the bold geometric shapes demand attention, it’s the detail that holds it. The local sculptor, who does all his own metal work, welds the pieces together seamlessly and buffs curlicue patterns into the metal planes. The delicate motifs provide an intriguing contrast to the sculpture’s burly forms. 

Washington Post, Where and Washingtonian Magazines 
               Objects of Desire Exhibition Neptune Gallery 
                    Washingtonian Editor's Picks for 2013
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                    September 2013

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                                    Micheal O'Sullivan
                                      May 3-18, 2012 

"Art you can really connect with"




Where Magazine 

May 2012

The Guide
Artisphere Gallery - "Lively center with galleries, video wall, theaters, ballroom, cafe and bar. My Space, structure of steel bars and cables held together by tension and compression by Jeff Chyatte through May"


Sculpture Magazine

October 2010

Commissions in Brief

Mathematical Association of America

 January 2010
Featuring the sculpture Elements, The Exhibition of Mathematical Art, and Artist Interview. They can be viewed at


Spaces Magazine

 Summer 2008

The House That Art Built
How the Peltzman Home Became a Livable Gallery

By Emily Lyons
  Photography by Thomas Arledge

Ricki and Lee Peltzman’s home at dusk
Unusual things can be seen through the many windows of Ricki and Lee Peltzman’s all-white Bethesda, MD, home: shimmering panels of wire mesh, amusing curlicue sculptures, and huge, dramatic collages. Since the couple married five years ago, they’ve scoured local galleries for art they both love to fill their first home together, all the while having the brown, rather boring structure overhauled to resemble a breezy gallery. “No woman was going to live in that house,” says Ricki, who owns Upstairs on 7th, a boutique in Penn Quarter that sells jewelry, shoes, and clothing. So she took charge and interviewed several designers until she struck gold with Thérèse Baron Gurney of Baron Gurney Interiors, who specializes in contemporary spaces.

Some of the Peltzman's collection: Penetration by Mila Kagen (on pedestal), Untitled by Travis Childers, Lumen by Jeff Chyatte (sculpture on side of center wall) Circle in a square by Tom Balbo and Remnants by Jon Wassom.

Painted High Carbon Steel
Height 32 inches, Width 20 inches, Depth 8 inches


Donga Magazine

November 2010
Seoul, South Korea
Featured images

   Sonata  Installation  Wolf Trap National Park            for the Performing Arts 

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